About Bach Remedies

Dr Edward Bach’s system

Edward Bach studied medicine at Birmingham University and University College Hospital, London. He qualified in 1912 and worked as a house surgeon, pathologist and bacteriologist. He also carried out original research into immunology and vaccine therapy.

In 1919, Bach took up a post at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. Inspired by his experiences there, he began using plant-based preparations to try to address the emotional causes of disease. He left London in 1930 to dedicate himself to finding new healing plants. The essences the he discovered over the next few years- a complete system- came to be known as the Bach flower remedies.

Bach’s system gives you a simple way to manage everyday emotions and feel more yourself. You can use it alongside any other approach to well-being.

Gilly’s Bach Remedy Treatment

Gilly is a graduate of the Level 3 courses provided by the Bach Centre which validates the work of Bach practitioners in more than sixty countries.

Gilly is a trained Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner.